3,81 mm pixel pitch
5,08 mm pixel pitch
7,62 mm pixel pitch


12 mm pixel pitch
16 mm pixel pitch
20 mm pixel pitch
30 mm pixel pitch
35 mm pixel pitch

High Quality LED Screens are usable for all activities indoor and outdoor (concerts, fashion shows, conferences, performances, demonstrations, sport activities, fairs, festivals, launches, weddings, product publicities, opening ceremonies, important days, etc.) We are providing service with impressive image quality and sound system with the advantage of mobility we can service everywhere in Turkey. We can stand LED Screen to floor with its stand or if you want, we can hang it air with truss system. These are the most important reasons to chose LED Screen: It can be install huge and can seeable so far away. PC Monitors has 70-80Hz, Televisions has 50-200Hz but LED Screens has up to 600Hz refresh rate. Every pixel on the LED Screen is brighter than other systems, its watchable clear and sharp in daylight. Standard LCD TV's contrast rate is 1:200.000. This rate is 1:16.000.000 in LED Screens, so colors are more realistic and alive. We are providing our projection device and curtain alternatives for all kind of organizations.

Projection Curtains: 1,80x1,80 - 2x3 - 3x4 - 4x6 Projection Devices: 2000-5000-10000-12000 Ansi Lumen You can make a difference with effective display system in all kind of organizations. We are providing various sizes of LCD Screens, professional camera shooting, construction of control room, montage services. LCD Screens, Video Processors, DVD, Laptop / PC