Mavi Group shows activity in every section of entertainment sector about sound, light, music, stage, truss, LED screen, display systems and TV technique renting. Mavi Group serves technical substructure and production services in Sound - Light - Music (Mavi Ses Işık Müzik Sistemleri), Stage - Podium systems - Elevations - Backdrop systems (Mavi Plus), LED systems (MV LED), professional TV technique and renting services. We provide service about DJ services, live performances, technical substructure and production services, projection devices and renting LED screens to activities like launches, meetings, conferences, festivals, concerts, publicity, weddings and invitation organizations, movie clips, TV shows, fashion shows, sport activities, spring fests, private invitations.

Mavi Group gives you everything that you will need in an organization. We are at your service with our experience of over 20 years and latest technology equipments. Our priority is, making our friendships longer with our customers. Our target is serve service in all organizations unmistakable, accurate, in time, solution oriented and best quality with our professional tecnical staff.